Our Key Holding Service 


Why would you need a key holding service?
Maybe you can't leave a key with a neighbour or you don't want to have to drop the key off every time we are booked to visit your cat.   Or maybe it's nothing to do with your pet at all - you just need someone to have a spare key in case you lock yourself out!!!!

Is this a secure service?
We do not attach your name and address to the key.  The keys are only identified by a reference number which is assigned to each customer.  The keys are stored in a locked key cupboard.  The keys can be returned to you at any time should you request this.  We would accept full responsibility for any lost keys and are fully insured to cover this.

Is this a free service?
Yes, we pick the key up free of charge at our initial consultation.  So long as we don't have to drop the key off outside of a booked visit no charge will apply.  If we have to make a special trip to drop the keys off or pick them up, a £5.00 charge will apply.

What if I don't sign up to the key holding service?
We can pick the key up from a nominated neighbour at the same time we arrive for the booked service and return it at the end of this service.  Or the key can be dropped at our premises in North Shields prior to each booking.